Valio Eesti AS operating, quality and environmental policy

In its everyday business activities, Valio Eesti AS (hereinafter - organization) operates with responsibility, in compliance with the applicable legislation and legal requirements and with consideration to the expectations of stakeholders.

Valio Eesti AS operating policy and the organizational responsibilities are divided into the following operating principles:

  • We produce truly innovative products;
  • Our activities are guided by client and product profitability;
  • We take personal responsibility and learn from the best;
  • We ensure the future with ethically and economically sustainable production.

1. We produce high quality, delicious and innovative products

We offer high quality, delicious, functional and fresh products to the consumers every day.

We monitor and develop food safety pursuant to the principles of the ISO 22000 standard:

  • We are committed to comply with good production practice and constantly develop our activities according to this practice;
  • In our products we use high quality raw milk obtained from healthy cattle and other premium raw materials;
  • We produce high quality, clean and appropriate products, that are safe for consumers in a hygienic production environment;
  • We prevent potential risks that may threaten product hygiene or the operation of our production units.

2. Our activities are guided by client and product profitability

We manage the value chain of the company from the milk producer to the store in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 management system standard. We comply with the principles of ISO 17025 in the operations of the laboratory.

The principles of the quality management of the organization are the following:

  • We operate systematically according to the needs of the clients and consumers;
  • We operate with responsibility and ensure the quality of activities and products through cooperation;
  • We continuously develop our activities at all levels of the organization.

In our purchasing activities, we cooperate with partners whose values and goals are in line with the objectives of Valio Eesti AS.

We openly and interactively mediate information about our products and activities and the effects thereof to stakeholders. Sharing information helps to carry out operations based on Valio’s values.

We comply with international requirements and guidelines of advertising. In our marketing communication, we comply with additional ethical principles such as the principle of truth, quality, good practice and safety.

3. We take personal responsibility and learn from the best

We are a reliable and a fair employer and we look after the well-being of our workers. Ensuring the satisfaction of workers with the work is an important part of developing management and cooperation skills. The goal is that workers can do meaningful work under excellent management and at a well-functioning position.

We protect workers against accidents at work and occupational diseases with our preventive occupational health activity.

The principles of occupational safety of the organization are the following:

  • All accidents at work and occupational diseases can be prevented;
  • Safety supports the high quality of products and activities;
  • Safety means health and well-being;
  • Safety is a common concern.

4. We ensure the future with ethically and economically sustainable production

Environmental management certificate ISO 14001 applies to Valio’s operations in Finland and Estonia.

The principles of environmental management of the organization are the following:

  • We assess the functionality of the environmental management system in the course of internal and external audits both at the level of the organization and places of business;
  • We review our environmental objectives annually;
  • The main environmental indicators forms part of the annual report of the organization.

We take responsibility for the environment by obtaining technologies that reduce environmental impact, using raw materials and energy sparingly and promoting the use of recyclable and energy-efficient packaging. Risk assessment is an integral part of daily management, the objective of which is to identify risks associated with daily activities and to prevent adverse effects as much as possible. We are responsible for organizing an insurance cover within the scope of our insurance policy.