We work in an environmentally-friendly way

Valio Eesti AS is an environment-friendly company, and it is certified with the environmental management system certificate ISO 14001.

This means that Valio Eesti AS has undertaken responsibility for the environment, purchasing technology that minimises environmental impact, ensuring sustainable use of raw materials and energy, and facilitating use of recoverable and energy-efficient packaging.

Environmental management certificate ISO 14001 applies to Valio’s operations in Finland and Estonia.

ISO certificate proves that Valio Eesti AS has mapped thoroughly its operating processes, which enables to save costs and increase efficiency, minimize environmental costs, ensures better compliance with legal acts, and provides confidence to every consumer that our products have been manufactured in environment-friendly and sustainable way.

Organizations principles of environmental management are:

  • We assess the functionality of the environmental management system in the course of internal and external audits both at the level of the organization and places of business;
  • We review our environmental objectives annually;
  • The main environmental indicators forms part of the annual report of the organization.

Significant environmental goals of Valio Eesti AS:

  • Reducing the quantity of wastewater and pollution load;
  • Sustainable use of water and energy;
  • Reducing municipal waste;
  • In our purchasing activities, we cooperate with partners whose values and goals are in line with the environmental objectives of Valio Eesti AS. This operating principle means a balance between the environment and our social and business goals.

Energy efficiency and resource efficiency audit

In cooperation with Nomine Consult OÜ during the period from 29.08.2018. until 15.07.2019, a detailed energy and resource audit was performed at the Valio Eesti AS Laeva Meierei and Võru Cheese factories. The purpose of the audit was to analyze production facility use of energy and material resources in order to identify measures for making the use of resources more efficient.

As a result of the project, special opportunities and activities arose for the implementation of more efficient resource technological solutions. The energy efficiency and resource efficiency audit at Valio Eesti AS production facilities was performed with the support of the Environmental Investment Center and with the “Enterprise energy efficiency and resource efficiency” financial support.