Introduction of Valio Eesti

Valio Eesti AS is one of the largest dairy companies in Estonia founded in 1992, which is producing and trading fresh dairy and cheese products mainly made of milk from Central and South Estonian farms. Valio Eesti AS improves its product range annually, producing almost 300 different dairy and cheese products in total.

Dairy products of Valio Eesti AS can be found in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, USA, Italy, Germany, Cyprus and other European countries. On Latvian market, Valio Eesti AS is represented in major categories of dairy products: milk, kefir, cream, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yoghurt, curd cream and pudding. Outside Baltics, the company is operating mainly in the segments of cheese and functional fresh dairy products.

The products of Valio Eesti AS are produced in two factories located in South Estonia - Valio Laeva Dairy and Valio Võru Cheese factory. Clean and highest quality milk is the guarantee of Valio product quality. Valio products do not contain synthetic food coloring agents, the quantity of additives used in the products is continuously reduced - 98% of the products sold under Alma brand is preservative-free, and this percentage is constantly growing. All products produced by Valio Eesti AS pass thorough multi-stage quality control based on strict quality requirements of Valio, in order to ensure that only the best products would reach the consumers.

Business of the company is based on high-quality, healthy and tasty dairy products and satisfied consumers, cooperation partners and employees. This is also the core of the slogan:

Making you feel good!


Valio Eesti AS operates in accordance with the quality management certificate ISO 9001, which was issued to the company in the end of 2006. The laboratory of Valio Eesti AS operates in accordance with ISO 17025 standards. In addition, we monitor food safety based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) system.

The quality of Valio Eesti AS products is ensured by several aspects:

  • Products are made only of high-quality controlled raw milk, originating mainly from Central and South Estonian farms;
  • Quality of raw milk is checked daily, and it is ensured that the raw milk used in our products does not contain antibiotics;
  • Additives used in our products are purchased only from certified suppliers approved by Valio;
  • Valio products are supervised from the beginning to the end - we know precisely the ingredients and origin of the additives used in our products as well as the raw milk used in the products can be traced to the farms;
  • Quality control of the products is multi-stage and very thorough, including quality control from raw milk to the end product;
  • We invest continuously into modernization of production and quality improvements;
  • We invest in the trainings and skill development of our workers.

Valio Eesti AS is operating in environment-friendly and sustainable way

Valio Eesti AS is the only dairy company in Estonia possessing the environmental certificate 14001.

This means that Valio Eesti AS has undertaken responsibility for the environment, purchasing technology that minimizes environmental impact, ensuring sustainable use of raw materials and energy, and facilitating use of recoverable and energy-efficient packaging.

Values of Valio:

  • High-quality products based on the needs of consumers;
  • Satisfied customer, consumer and cooperation partner;
  • Motivated and well-educated staff*;
  • Ethically and economically sustainable production.

*We carried out our knowledge and skill development project with co-funding from Enterprise Estonia from 29th April 2010 to 28th April 2011. We created and developed our strategies and management systems in the scope of the project.